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A Musical Moment With Deb - "Carry On"

In this challenging time of political upheaval, with so many upsetting world events occurring “out there” we sometimes forget that what we all are needing underneath the turmoil, and distraction of this un-rest is love and compassion.

I believe that everyone, from the “highest” appearing public figure – be they movie star celebrity status, sports hero figures or high ranking political figures – to people whom we consider despicable and immoral – were born into this world as tiny babies only wanting to be loved. Unfortunately, these folks all have one thing in common –they received neuro- network imprinting that grew them up to be who they currently are.

A Musical Moment With Deb

Every so often I will be offering a free piece of music to soothe, inspire or comfort you as a free gift here. I write this music as a part of my own meditative and spiritual growth process and offer it often in my therapy sessions to calm and rejuvenate my clients.

Sometimes my therapy sessions will end with a time of guided visualization accompanied by a musical piece, a song relevant to the session we have just completed, or a soothing song to help clients feel calm, centered, complete and ready to face their day.

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