A Musical Moment With Deb Carry On


In this challenging time of political upheaval, with so many upsetting world events occurring “out there” we sometimes forget that what we all are needing underneath the turmoil, and distraction of this un-rest is love and compassion.

I believe that everyone, from the “highest” appearing public figure – be they movie star celebrity status, sports hero figures or high ranking political figures – to people whom we consider despicable and immoral – were born into this world as tiny babies only wanting to be loved.  Unfortunately, these folks all have one thing in common –they received neuro- network imprinting that grew them up to be who they currently are.

We all, at some point in are earliest development were only wanting and needing love, nurture, protection, guidance and compassion from those that brought us into this world.

If we can somehow remember this, while at one and the same time acting compassionately and accordingly towards those we see as deplorable and immoral, the world would be a better place.

My music, my healing work as a therapist and any from of psychotherapy I have studied and trained in is designed to help people loose the destructive and damaging neuro network imprinting they were wired with from their beginnings and learn to love themselves better. Through doing this re-wiring of our selves  we  learn to be loving and compassionate towards others.

In my work as a therapist I use all of my training, as well as my music to help people do this.

I think this song points to that.

I hope you enjoy it.

Carry On, By Deb Antari

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