A Musical Moment With Deb


Every so often I will be offering a free piece of music to soothe, inspire or comfort you as a free gift here. I write this music as a part of my own meditative and spiritual growth process and offer it often in my therapy sessions to calm and rejuvenate my clients.

Sometimes my therapy sessions will end with a time of guided visualization accompanied by a musical piece, a song relevant to the session we have just completed, or a soothing song to help clients feel calm, centered, complete and ready to face their day.

During the holiday season, especially this one where there has been so much turmoil and upheaval in the world music is often one of the things we can turn to to soothe ourselves. It really is true that music can “soothe the savage beast” as they say – and sometimes the savage beast” comes in the form of our own inner demons.

This month I am offering you a free mp3 of my new Christmas Songs-"Christmas 2015: I Still Believe in Love".

This song was written in light of the fact that despite all the turmoil in the world around us, Love is still very present and possible in the form of our own inner peace.

Click Here to download MP3 (.ZIP)

Visit my music website at www.debantari.com

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